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DAM in China, COVID 19 Turns the Situation Around

The year 2020 is a special time, as COVID 19 has brought pain to people and downturn to economies. As Ralph mentioned in his piece ‘The biggest difference between Covid-19 and 2008 from a DAM perspective is that most prospective clients have already implemented a DAM solution’. While under the economic downturn caused by COVID 19, ‘Expenditure will have to become a lot more focused, however.'(Windsor. 2020). Many customers are thinking about a much more cost-effective option when selecting vendors or replacing their old solutions. This may impact many DAM companies.
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Interview with Victor Lebon

The concept of Martech is quite trendy in China at present. At the same time, more and more companies in China are aware of the role of long-term customer success when they expand in every niche market. It’s time for them to think about how to brand themselves in a smart way, and DAM could be an answer. ‘icp’, a well-known DAM service provider, has opened its Shanghai office in order to help those big names to win in the next few years. Here in this piece, DAM CC did an interview with Victor Lebon, the CEO for EMEA and APAC at ‘icp’, looking at how he observes and thinks about DAM in China.
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Interview with Jason Lau

Jason Lau, as the Operation Enablement Lead who was based in Hong Kong office at Flexport, had conducted relevant solutions to get this fast developing freight forwarding company’s digital contents organized in a better way. Let’s see what inspired Jason to start to do DAM at Flexport and what were his strategies during the process.
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Interview with Russell Barr

Russ is the managing director of BrandMaster in the UK. Having been immersed in the world of Digital Asset Management since 2001 he has gained rich knowledge and experience in helping organisations embrace and benefit from DAM solutions. At the beginning of the establishment of DAM CC, he gave us a lot of helps and supports. He shared many industry insights with us and brought several wonderful lectures to help young people learn more about the DAM industry.
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Interview with Ralph Windsor

Ralph Windsor, the Director of Daydream and Editor of DAM NEWS, is always standing on the front trend of DAM industry. He is also the greatest supporter of our website,, and helps DAM CC to grow from the very begining in 2018. This interview will give you his impressive opinions about DAM in China.
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Another DAM Podcast interview with Yaochong Chen on Digital Asset Management

Interviewed by Henrik de Gyor from Another DAM Podcast about Digital Asset Management.
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