A letter for DAM China Advocators

We’re a now a media community initiate to help DAM companies and professionals to see different angles of DAM’s emerging potential and opportunities in China.

Seventeen months after founding DAM China Connect in London, we are far more than passionate students, but still have a long way to go to bring DAM to China.

What we can do when don’t have fundings, don’t have DAM working experience, and don’t have DAM knowers in China? We use our passion to engage and inspire people. I inspired my co-founders and they’re now inspiring more advocators. This was what we were doing in the past months.

We now have two goals: The first one is: We hope to connect you with those DAM development potentials and opportunities in China. By presenting our thoughts and reflections, we want to let you know how the circumstances of digital assets are on Chinese market, and also the different kinds of obstacles you might keep in mind before and on the way of growing here. After the launching, we are firstly going to publish our observations and thinkings under several series, which might give you an idea of how is demand here, and what are the differences between EU-North America DAM market and Chinese market.

And here is the second one: We need to tell Chinese people that DAM can help us to preserve the most fantastic things in our life– those fine and sensitive stories that digital contents narrate.

China is a country full of memories and touchable motions. We use them to move others and ourselves, we need this in our life and in businesses. In China, we’re producing lots of digital contents because we need them to narrate stories and express feelings, and then consequently enjoy the atmosphere they bring to us. A Taobao online cup store uses mini videos to show how does a lovely vintage tea cup look like under soft light, on a dark wooden table; and how does it look like when is filled by the pretty light yellow leaf-water. The music is retro while the hue is calm and peaceful. Anyone who watches the video can be touched by the beauty of this delicate little porcelain cup, and will have the willingness to buy it home. They want to maintain and own the story and atmosphere that the mini video narrates. This is the power of a narration but how should Chinese people take care of it? We need to protect the carrier of it, the digital contents, and also optimize our strategies of protecting it. And how could Chinese people explore more valuable touching elements from digital contents? We again need DAM and we need your help.

These are why we’re launching this website: We need to tell Chinese people in our language that we need DAM to take care of the most romantic and precious stories of our culture. We have to let ourselves to know how important it is for us to own a DAM mindset, for narrating better and narrating more. At the same time, we have to let you all to know that we Chinese people also and always need DAM as a software, and even more, as a mindset. There are actually lots of potentials in Chinese market, and what western DAM professionals and companies need to do is to investigate it, to understand it and to accept changes.

So let’s connect. Let’s make the passion of all to converge. Let’s use the strength of DAM community to protect the precious feeling for all of us. The exciting DAM story in China has just well begun…